CarMax Accessories

CarMax Accessories

You can easily upgrade your car with CarMax Accessories which featured costs of car accessories will be included in most financing, installed at your own convenience, and purchased accessories when you buy your car are covered by an optional MaxCare extended service plans. If you need any information about the accessories, you can directly contact the sales consultant for more information, pricing, and availability. accessories are available based on comfort and convenience, entertainment, and safety & security. 

Comfort & Convenience

Comfort & convenience products are leather upgrades, Bluetooth, keyless entry, and remote start. Leather upgrades will replace the existing seats with factory quality leather from Katzkin. This leather upgrades each piece is custom fit to your car and subsumes replacing cloth on the door panels and armsets. Bluetooth is very helpful for you to make and receive hands-free calls using your mobile device and it should be added to your car. Through this device, calls can broadcast directly to your car's stereo system. Remote start systems can useful for controlling of your car to heat up or cool down from the comfort of your home or office. Keyless entry allows you to lock or unlock your vehicle doors with the push of a button from a distance of meters and you can open your trunk without the use of a key. 

Entertainment Accessories

You can purchase different types of entertainment accessories such as satellite radio, mobile video, and in-dash navigation & multimedia. Satellite radio essentially designed to provide you more entertainment options when compared to regular radio stations. With the use of satellite radio product, you can enjoy the type of commercial free music, talk radio, news, and sports that you prefer anytime and anywhere you drive. It provides you sophistic and effective digital signals so that sound of the radio should be in crystal clear and static free. 

Mobile-video systems give entertainment to the back-seat passengers in the sense that they can enjoy video games, CDs, DVDs, MP3s, video games, and more. Accordingly, wireless headphones also available under CarMax Accessories and they will complete the system. Otherwise, you can use a wireless FM Modulator if you want the option of playing audio through your car's radio. Whether you may find difficulty to reach the final destination in some cases. To avoid this, CarMax offers you in-dash navigation & multimedia systems which provides map screens that are larger and easier to read than typical hand-held plug-in navigation. Including this, you can enjoy the benefit of audio directions that are played directly through your car stereo system. Additionally, you can enjoy audio and video based on CDs, DVDs, iPods, SD cards, and USB drives. 

Safety & Security

The company provides safety and security accessories for your car which including Lojack theft recovery, obstacle avoidance systems, and power door locks. You can protect your car from theft or non-identifiable users with the use of a security system. It offers systems with proven security features like horn alarms, panic features, valet override, shock sensors, and starter cut-offs. In addition to these, you might get a discount from your car insurance to have a theft-deterrent system.