CarMax Fuel Savings Calculator

CarMax Fuel Savings Calculator

Using CarMax Fuel Savings Calculator, you can view how fuel savings add up between two cars based on the inputs like gas price per Gallon and miles driven per year. Estimated values at are mainly designed for illustration purposes only. By comparing cars, you can view how efficient your options are really. You can improve gas mileage by following the tips to help you go farther between trips to the pump. 

Improving Gas Mileage

In order to provide the better gas mileage, all parts of your car work together when it comes to the fuel economy. You can take care of your car, drive it efficiently and plan ahead. Accordingly, you will get more rewards with the best possible fuel economy so it leads to get more out of every drive. You need to make a note that a small difference of several miles per gallon in the sense that it may cause big difference in fuel budget over the course of a year. If you're not having best gas mileage cars, you can follow some steps to maximize the gas mileage such as maintain your engine in good condition, proper tire inflation and wheel alignment, use the right motor oil, drive efficiently and plan ahead. 

How to Keep your car in Good Working Condition

The properly tuned engine will help you to get good rewards with best possible fuel efficiency so you need to stick to your car maintenance for better gas mileage. Vehicle maintenance in a timely manner is the efficient way to reduce the chance of smaller issues turning into bigger problems. For good maintenance of your vehicle, you need to consider emission control system, air filter, and spark plugs. The dashboard warning light could be signaling a problem which causes a big problem in your fuel economy. You need to check out the condition of air filter because your engine doesn't struggle to breathe freely and replace it whenever needed. For more information check out

Fixing of these problems can be enhanced your vehicle gas mileage by an average of 4 percent. You must use a particular kind of engine lubricants which are suitable for your vehicle but not just any oil for your car's engine. If you're buying motor oil lubricants by yourself, make sure that use the oil which contains friction reducing additives that could give you better gas mileage. If the oil is not suitable for improving gas mileage, don't forget to change a oil for your engine. Additionally, you need to check out the tire pressure every month and make sure they're inflated to the recommended pressure on the tire placard. You may need to check more often during winter season because air molecules tend to contract in cold weather. 

Drive Efficiently

To maximize the fuel efficiency and gas mileage, you need to drive efficiently which shows huge impact on your vehicle's gas mileage. The important steps including drive a car with the AC off when possible, go easy on the "go pedal", and idling engines burn more fuel than you think.