Carmax - MaxCare Service Plans

Carmax - MaxCare Service Plans

Whether you may never know when unexpected repairs can be occurred. To avoid this, you can cover the repairs with the optional MaxCare Service Plans which gives you piece of mind to take care of your vehicles from unexpected repairs. The features of this service plans included flexible plan, affordable ownership, comprehensive coverage, and upfront and fair. Comprehensive coverage enables you to plan in such a way you can cover all parts of a vehicle except the named exclusions. The included category list of parts and systems are transmission, engine, electronics, electrical systems, steering, suspension, cooling system, drivetrain, and climate control. 

Flexible options allow you to choose the deductible and mileage which is right for you. You can purchase MaxCare upfront or subsume the cost of monthly car payment. Through upfront and fair feature, it offers the deductible per your visit not per the repair of your car and it can pay the participating service center directly. In addition to these, you can gain the benefits such as nationwide protection, rental reimbursement, toll-free assistance, emergency road side assistance, direct payment, coverage accessories, and available on all CarMax used cars. 

Using nationwide protection, you're covered no matter where you located in the United States of America or Canada. Rental reimbursement provides you financial assistance when your vehicle is inoperable or unsafe to drive and kept overnight for covered repairs. This reimbursement will reimburse all your expenses from a licensed rental agency up to $40 per day for 7 days. Emergency road side assistance is available for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and all services will be covered up to $100 per occurrence. If you've any queries related to the service plans, you can contact the MaxCare toll-free number and you will be directed to the nearest authorized repair facility. 

MaxCare gives you all benefits for customers whether your car is still under warranty or not. When you buy a car, you can get a coverage for all accessories. The things which are not covered under MaxCare Service Plans involving maintenance services and parts such as trim, batteries, wheels, and wiper blades. Additionally, not coverable things are aftermarket accessories or equipment installed after vehicle purchase date, emergency roadside flat tire assistance does not include tire replacement, emergency roadside fuel delivery does not include the cost of fuel, and breakdown caused by misuse or abuse. This service plans included applicable limitations and exclusions. 

Before getting the benefits, you're required to review your Carmax MaxCare service contract details thoroughly at in addition to the complete list of exclusions. With the help of CarMax, you can upgrade your car in accordance with your needs. Costs of car accessories can be included in most financing and vehicle accessories are purchased at your convenience. Available upgrade features for your car involving leather upgrades, remote start, bluetooth, and entertainement products like satellite radio, and mobile video, and safety & security items like lojack theft recovery, power door locks, and obstacle avoidance systems.